Gunpla by Vincent Longa


Hello, and welcome to V Gunpla! Here you will find images of the Gundam kits I've built, works in progress and a few thoughts about the hobby. Thank you for visiting, take a look around!

Here is what I'm currently working on. Come check out what a Gunpla kit looks like while it's being assembled and pick up some tips along the way.

Here are images of kits I have the courage to call "complete". These are kits that I've decided to stop working on because I feel I've done what I wanted and it's time to move on. Sometimes the results are great, sometimes they are just OK, but there is something I'm proud about every kit in this section.

Here's where I keep blog posts about the hobby whether it be opinions about a particular kit, or what my plans are for my next project. Be sure to check out "How I Got Started" first!