Gunpla by Vincent Longa

Hi, I'm Vincent. I started building Japanese plastic robots in December of 2015. Well, technically I started in 1999. I was living in Okinawa, stationed ad KAdena Air Base. I ventured off base in my car and found a Toys R Us! It was novel to see a familiar retail store so I ventured in and was treated to a variety of delights. There were Japanese video games, toys, dolls and all manner of toys! I remember the store's colors and layout were familiar; it was like someone took a Toys R Us from America and replaced everything with its Japanese counterpart. One particular section caught my eye, and I ended up walking out with 2 Gunpla kits. I wish I could say I still have them, but they are lost to time, just as this very website will be one day. I do remember one of the kits had wings because they kept falling off; it was probably a Wing Gundam.

Fast forward to December 2015. I was watching a Game of the Year video by (formerly) Giant Bomb's Austin Walker (now with Vice Gaming). He did a parody video of a Gunpla build video and the neurons in my brain started lighting up. I suddenly remembered the 2 kits I had in Okinawa, and I also remembered seeing some kits in Barnes and Noble recently. I did some Googling and ended up with an RG 00 Raiser and a hobby knife in my hands, and I was off!

That was 8 months ago and I've been working on my craft ever since. I hope you enjoy this website! I aim to post all of my builds in the WIP section, and once they're done I'll post pics of them in the completed build section. I also have some opinions which I'll be kind enough to keep in the thoughts section.

Click around, and enjoy!

gunpla | gunplä |

NOUN a portmanteau of "Gundam" and "Plastic model"

ORIGIN the first Gundam model was made in 1979, at which time the phrase was first used